Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 1: This is insane!

Okay holy cow where do I even begin??? This has been the craziest thing. Okay this is definitely so different than anything else I've ever done. Like it's the hardest thing I've ever done and there are so many ups and downs and I miss my family and we sit in classes 14 hours a day and it's physically, emotionally, and spiritually draining but I'm SO HAPPY. Like there are hard times but there are also some really really amazing times. I feel so much closer to my Savior and I feel constantly surrounded by the Spirit and it is so amazing.
So my companion is Sister Flaherty. She is from Idaho and is serving in Independence, Missouri. I'm like the only person I know who has a companion not going to their same mission but it's fine! She's teaching me patience haha but she's sweet and we're learning to get along and to love each other. We're getting better at teaching together and she's helping me learn a lot. My district has me and my companion and then 3 other sets of elders. They're all fresh out of high school so I feel so old but they're pretty sweet and we're getting close. I have 2 other roommates besides me and my companion and they are so so sweet. They're both going to my mission and I really love them! 
Um, well the first night was definitely the worst of my life haha I slept like less than 2 hours but every night since then I've gotten amazing sleep so I think Heavenly Father just needed me to get one crappy night sleep so it's fine, he definitely has a plan. We basically just sit in class all day and learn but it's some of my favorite times. I'm learning so much!! And um let's see. I love gym time and getting out and working out haha mostly we just play four square haha
We taught our first "investigators" who were our teachers being super convincing actors haha the first lesson was a little rough but it wasn't too bad! Our teacher even said it was the most powerful lesson he had heard in a long time and we were like sweet. All thanks to the Holy Ghost for sure. But our second investigator who was still one of teachers went so so well!! Like we felt really good about it and we learned how to teach together better. Also my companion told me to slow down in my talking and I'm actually learning to talk slower!! Like the second lesson we taught, I talked slowly to allow the Spirit room to guide me and to testify to our investigator and it made all the difference. It made me feel like what I said could actually have an impact on them and it really helps them feel our love. So that was awesome! We're teaching our first real investigator tonight so we'll see how that goes!
Lets see, one thing that my teacher said that was so awesome and really really touched me was that on our name tag we have two names: our last name and Jesus Christ. We honor our family and Jesus Christ as we go out and serve. That was definitely something I needed to hear because I really do miss my family but I know that Heavenly Father is watching out for them. 
Also another thing I've learned this week is that God knows us so well! Every time I felt like I was too down to keep going, He always had something in my path that made it so I could. So so many tender mercies this week. One was seeing Sister James this week!! I literally cried a thousand tears and it was so so happy!! I love her so much! And today at the temple, I saw Amber Wood from BYU! Just randomly in my session and that was amazing to get to see her before she leaves for her mission tomorrow! And like the devotionals last night were amazing. Like Heavenly Father knows what I need to hear and He makes it so it'll all be okay! 
Also I joined the MTC choir even though I thought I hated singing haha but it was so so good!! I love it and we get to sing in devotional tomorrow!! And um what else. I don't even know, everything is just so crazy but I love it!
I love this gospel so so much and I'm so excited to go teach and bring others to Christ. I know that as we keep pressing forward with faith in Him, God will bless us and make it all okay. My testimony has grown so much and although this place is hard, I love it. I testify that God has a plan and that He loves us each so individually!! 
I leave a week from today to Denver so I'm not sure if I'll write next week but I love each of you!
Keep being a tool...IN THE HAND OF THE LORD!
Sister Tracy

Sorry this is so sporadic. Another fun fact, 750 missionaries arrived on the day I arrived!! This place is PACKED. Holy cow but it's beautiful to see so many missionaries! Also, I've seen so many people I know! 
Sister Tracy wasn't able to send pictures this week, but her good friend Sister James's mom posted a picture of the two girls in the MTC together so I will post it here.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sister Tracy in the MTC!

Sister Tracy arrived to the Provo MTC on Wednesday, June 22. We haven't received her first email yet, but when we do, we will post it here!

Friday, July 3, 2015