Monday, February 29, 2016


Well this week was pretty legit people. Probably one of the best weeks like ever.
First, me and sister smith tried to have a pancake eating contest at ihop this week. i definitely won. but i could only eat 5 of those huge things. it was so enjoyable haha
Then we went to this awesome soup kitchen and did service! We got to prepare food and then serve it to people and it was seriously so fun! We spent like an hour just squeezing lemons to make lemonade and my hands got soo tired haha but it was an awesome experience and i got to wear a hairnet. #blessed
Then we did some good tracting and we have this new survey approach where we ask people to take a survey about "spiritual matters" and its been helping a lot! Lots more people are opening doors and not slamming them and its really fun and we've gotten a couple people we're going to go back and try to start teaching! Its pretty legit. It makes tracting way more fun.
Then, Elder Ulisses Soares of the presidency of the 70 came and he talked to us for a long time and it was so awesome! He talked to us about how to be better missionaries and a lot of stuff and it was so great. Then we had 2 leadership meetings with him and THEN he asked to personally interview me and i was like WHAT. So I got interviewed by a member of quorum of the 70 and it was LEGIT. He was so sweet and it was a really cool experience!
One of my favorite things he said:
"Our attitude will determine our altitude."
Oh how true that is! how we choose to feel about things will really determine where we go with it!
speaking of which, I'm getting transferred this week! Back to the suburbs which is crazy! I've loved my time in the city but i'm looking forward to new experiences!
Hope y'all have a great week!
Much love,
Sister Tracy

1. eating pancakes.
2. hairnets :)
3. the city
4. our legit church building

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 31: happy 7 months!

Well today is my 7 month mark I just realized! Well that's crazy. Holy cow it feels like just yesterday my parents were dropping me off at the MTC....where does time go? that's pretty insane.
I'm so blessed to be a missionary! I love each and every day and all the people I get to see and talk to. Thank goodness I still have some time left. But definitely not enough.
This week, well it wasn't super eventful so I really don't have much to say...
We got to go on 2 exchanges this week so that was super fun! I got to sit at home with one of the sisters with the broken arm and then we went with some other sisters and it was fun! Its always a fun opportunity to go out with other sisters and have a good day with them! I love it so much!
Oh man, I ate some ribs this week from this delicious restaurant some members took us to and it was the best day of my life. it took me back to texas and the ribs my mother would make. she's such a good cook, i definitely miss that. but it was the happiest.
We did sooo much finding this week. We tracted and street contacted and went looking for less actives this week so much! It was awesome, we were able to find some new people to start teaching so that was exciting.
And then, we had a really cool experience this week with one of our investigators. We went back and watched the restoration video with her! And people, that is one of the most powerful videos I've ever seen. It truly is such a testimony of Joseph Smith and of his mission and his life and just how much God loves us. You could feel the Spirit in the room so strongly, it was amazing. And afterwards, our investigator just said that she had goosebumps and that she knew it was true. What a simple yet profound testimony.The people we teach always teach me more than I could ever teach them. It was a really amazing experience
This week I was reading in the New Testament and was reading in Mark when the disciples are on the ship with Jesus and the waves come up and the disciples are scared because Jesus is sleeping. I just love Peter who comes and wakes Jesus up and asks, "carest thou not that we perish?" basically, WE'RE GOING TO DIE! and that Jesus just gets up and calms the sea. "Peace, be still." I just love how Jesus can calm the storms of life. What a perfect phrase for us to remember: "Peace, be still." In Psalms 89:10 it says, "when the waves arise, thou stillest them." No matter what, Jesus Christ will do that for us if we will let Him. "Be still and know that I am God."
love y'all!
sister tracy

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Week 30: life gets crazier every day and its the best

Well this week was INSANE. like for real, so much went down and it was awesome.
First things first, me and Sister Smith went to the zoo for p day last week and it was sooo fun! We got to see lots of animals and the weather was perfect and it was the best. There were peacocks just walking around the zoo and I was just like what is going on. But it was awesome!
Well we had 2 zone meetings this week for us and then for the sisters so i got to give 2 trainings and that was pretty fun. I learned a lot this week.
And lets see, we went to ihop this week because why not, and this nice man stopped by our table and started talking to us and he was like i'm a bishop on a business trip and i'm paying for you tonight and we were just like *tears. but not actually but really. it was the sweetest thing ever.
Well then, we got a call that some of our sisters we take care of got in a car accident so we had to speed over to the scene and help them, their car was definitely totaled. And then we had to go to the hospital with them and take care of them for like 3 days in the hospital because one of the sisters had to get surgery. it was insane haha but they're both doing good now and all is well. they're such troopers. it was definitely a crazy experience. but hey, life really does get crazier every day and its the best as my subject said.
well i told sister smith all about galentines day (if you don't know what that is, you live a sad life) but anyways, and she was like that's kinda weird and i was like no its not. and she was like whatever haha so then that night, i got out of the shower and she had made me a mosaic of my face! and it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me hahah i almost started crying i was so touched. she's literally the best companion ever. i hope y'all got to celebrate galentines day.

Well I had some thoughts this week. I was reading in Matthew 14 and I think its like my favorite chapter ever. So Jesus learns of the death of John the Baptist, His cousin and it says he goes off to the desert to be alone. But of course multitudes follow him. And when Jesus sees them, instead of sending them away which I'm sure a lot of us would have done, the scriptures say that He "was moved with compassion toward them and He healed their sick." Then they stay a while and the disciples say its about time to go and Jesus says, nah, lets feed them so they'll stay. So then he feeds 5000 men PLUS women and children with 5 loaves and 2 fish. I think its so amazing and shows so much of Jesus Christ's character and example. he had many of the same problems as we do but its how he chooses to react to those things is what makes all the difference. His example of turning out and thinking of others in the midst of His struggles is the most amazing thing. I want to be more like Him. He truly is our Savior and Redeemer and i love Him with all my heart.

Have a great week y'all! love you!
Sister Tracy

1. i'm basically a pioneer out here.
2. some flamingos.
3. me and a giraffe.
4. this cool mural tho
5. they just put a torchy's tacos in my area. and it is delicious. it is the only torchy's outside of texas. #soblessed
6. the mosaic pictures! happy galentines day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Week 29: when the broncos win the superbowl....

Well this week was AWESOME y'all.
Let's start at the beginning.
So first, on tuesday, our cars got grounded so we couldn't drive them because it snowed like a foot haha so we're outside walking in our skirts in snow that drifts like almost to our knees #blessed
it was so fun and we had lots of fun pushing people's cars out of snow drifts as we walked haha it was very entertaining. Also it was like 16 degrees so that was awesome. I felt like a marshmallow, i was wearing so many layers.
We got to go to the temple this week! So that was pretty awesome. I love the temple so much!
We went on exchanges with some sweet sisters! I got to go with a sister that I came out with and it was awesome! I got to shovel someone's walk for the first time and that was pretty dang exciting.
Then, we had MLCs where all the leadership in the mission gets together and makes decisions and receives training. and so at MLCs, President called me out in front of everyone and everyone was staring at me and my face got so hot and red and then he was like look her face matches her hair!! And I just got sooo red. Its so embarrassing haha I get too red too easily. but it was pretty funny.
THEN. We had an STL meeting at the mission home on sunday night which is about 20 minutes from where we live. So it also happened to be the night that the broncos were playing in the superbowl....and of course, since we're in denver, everyone is IN LOVE and IS OBSESSED with the broncos. So our meeting finished and we start to drive home but the broncos had just won and we had to drive home but everyone was out on a joy ride and they're all like sitting on top of their cars and have all their broncos flags and they're out the windows with their flags and screaming and nonstop honking and just like out in the streets like crazy people. so what should have took 20 minutes took 2 and half hours to get home...hahah it was absolutely insane. but pretty funny. definitely won't forget that night.
but it has been a really awesome week!
I came across a scripture this week that I love:
"Look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not." -D&C 6:36
I know that as we really do remember the Savior more in our lives, as we really turn to Him and let Him take care of our doubts and our fears, that He will.
Hope y'all have a great week!
Love you!
Sister Tracy

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 28: i have no idea for a clever subject. sorry.

Well this week was great!
Pretty interesting but SO GREAT.
We've been working sooo hard and we're beginning to see good things happen because of that.
First of all, the zone leaders took our car for a while so we walked soooo many blocks and it was so fun haha
and then lets see, we found a new investigator this week, Mary! She was a referral and she is so awesome! she wanted a bible so we went to give her a bible and she was like well when can i get one of those book of mormons? and we were like RIGHT NOW YO. and it was awesome. and she told us she was going to read the whole book of mormon in 2 weeks because she "didn't want to be behind" and we were like wow okay haha she's awesome
We started this bingo game in our zone where we just got up and talk to people and try to accomplish these weird things and find weird people. we talked to people in their cars and we went to this huge outdoor mall place and just stopped and talked to everyone and seriously had some of the coolest experiences. we got to give out lots of book of mormons and cards and talk to so many people. we got to pray with people and just talk about Christ and it was AWESOME.
it started snowing a ton. ew. like one day it was 72 degrees and we were like dannnnnng this is nice and then 3 hours later it was 32 degrees and was snowing. #awk
funny story of the week:
one of our sweet investigators was talking about how she wanted to baptize her cat and i was like no that's not quite what we do. but sister smith thought she was kidding and she was like YES i want to watch this, i'll be here to videotape it. and i was like um, no....and then we left the lesson and sister smith was like that was funny. and i was like, you know she was being serious right? and she was like NO i thought she was kidding. and i was like nope....hahah it was the funniest thing ever. so we cleared that one up later.
I was reading a talk this week, "Broken things to mend" by jeffrey r holland and my favorite part was:
"My desire today is for all of us—not just those who are “poor in spirit” but all of us—to have more straightforward personal experience with the Savior’s example. Sometimes we seek heaven too obliquely, focusing on programs or history or the experience of others. Those are important but not as important as personal experience, true discipleship, and the strength that comes from experiencing firsthand the majesty of His touch."
I love how it points out that all we need to do is simplify the gospel and our lives and just trust in God and feel His power and then we'll be all good. His grace truly is sufficient.

I love you, God loves you! Be good this week!
Sister Tracy