Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Well we had Sisters p day this week and that was awesome. We have the best sisters.
We had such a good week. We biked a TON like all day every day and people, I've found out that I'm  not super graceful. I tend to fall off the bike a lot...like the other day, we were riding our bikes and we're at the edge of the mission and so I fell off my bike and I rolled down the hill out of the mission. And of course, instead of making sure I'm okay, Sister Kastner just yells at me to get back in the mission hahaah but no worries, I told President and we're all good hahaha
We've made a super concentrated effort to talk to everyone and oh man, we're killing it and finding so many people to teach! it is so great.
We taught the most amazing people this week and it was the best. We found tons of new people to teach and life is just so great.
WE HAD A MISSION WIDE 5K ON MONDAY AND IT WAS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN EVER. It was so much fun and we basically won. but it wasn't a competition. but we basically won. It was such a nice day and we handed out a book of Mormon while we were running haha it was the best.
Cool story:
we started talking to this guy we street contacted into and he was like I just want to go to your church and we were like, yeah, totally! and then we sat down on his front stoop and taught him the first lesson and in the middle he just starts crying. And me and sister kastner just look at each other like what the heck? so we keep teaching him and he really wants to reestablish a relationship with God so we're going to keep working with him! it was really neat.
But this week, I truly am just aware of how mindful Heavenly Father is of each one of his children. Never forget that he knows your name and your circumstances and that he love you more than you can even comprehend!
Have a great week!
Love y'all!
Sister Tracy

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 44: Miracles can happen

Well this week was full of miracles!
The weather has been beautiful in Colorado and I'm loving it so much.
This week we taught one of our investigators. She is so amazing. We committed her to live the word of wisdom last week and she told us that she told God she would never quit alcohol and coffee but we promised her she would see the blessings if she kept it. So she tried it and when we taught her last, she had been keeping it for 3 days! She said it hadn't been that hard and that that morning, she found $106 she had lost a couple months ago! And we were like, that is no coincidence!!! Its because you've been keeping the word of wisdom. And she was like I know! It was such a miracle! She also told us that a couple weeks ago when we first street contacted her getting out of her car, that she had no desire to talk to us but as soon as she saw our smiles, she suddenly wanted to talk to us and she did and now she's doing so great! It truly shows that a smile goes a long way :)
Funny story of the week:
We started talking to this guy walking his dog and we asked him if we could walk with him and share a message. And he said yes. So we start walking with him and holy cow, this guy is POWER WALKING up the biggest hill in probably the entire state of Colorado. So we're over here, trying to teach him the restoration but we can barely keep up with this guy and we're so out of breath haha it was the weirdest lesson of my life but hey we taught the guy and we got a killer workout #fitforthekingdom.
I love this quote right here from the one and only BYU president, President Worthen:
"Because of the Atonement, all failures and changeable and temprorary, except the one that occurs when we give up. So whatever you do, don't you dare give up."

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 43: Prayers are always answered!

Well this week was insanely amazing!! I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it was!
First of all, we had zone p day which was super fun! We had a BBQ and played lots of games so that was great. We went on lots of exchanges with the other sisters this week which was fun!
We had 2 zone meetings that we had to give trainings at. My trainings were on #behappy and #befriends which was super fun. It was a great topic for me because I LOVE being happy :)
We had 2 of our investigators come to church finally which was such a blessing. I've been praying and fasting for this for a while now and its amazing that God always answers our prayers no matter what. But He sure does have His timing.
We were asked to cut a lady's hair in our ward haha we've never cut hair before but here we were just like sure why not. So before we went in, I said a prayer to bless us with capabilities beyond our own so we don't ruin this poor lady's hair haha and it turned out good! We were pretty pleased with it and God sure does answer prayers, even the ones that are kinda different haha
Okay you people ready for the greatest story ever?
Let me preface this by saying that I would say I am over my fear of dogs. I love dogs now. So a couple weeks ago we got a referral and tried to contact the people but there was a fence all around their house and the gate was closed. So while we're standing there, trying to decide what to do, these HUGE killer dogs come up and start trying to kill us through the fence. Like they were terrifying. So Sister Kastner, being Sister Kastner, carries dog treats in her bag. So we were like okay lets do a test. If we throw the dog treat and the dogs stop trying to kill us and they go eat the dog treat, they are nice. So we throw the dog treat and they completely ignore it and continue to try to kill us. So we were like okay they are really mean.
Fast forward to this week. We decide to try to go contact them again. So the gate is open! And we're like, this is a miracle! We start walking up the super long like 1/4 mile long driveway and we get halfway up and these killer dogs come out of no where and start coming at us. Oh man it was instinct for us to just start sprinting for our lives. I've probably never run so fast in my life. So the dogs get super close to us but we finally get away. And we're like what the heck, we need to contact this person. So we say a prayer to be like Daniel in the lion's den and to be protected haha so we start walking back up this driveway, all confident and then the dogs come at us and we just look at each other like oh dang we're going to die. We just keep walking and then the lady comes out of the house and grabs the dogs and we're saved! So then we talk to her and she's interested!!!! it was the craziest thing ever hahaha God sure does take care of us.
But that's about it from a week in the life of Sister Tracy!
Be happy and remember that God always answers prayers!
Love you all!
Sister Tracy

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 42: happy mothers/Skype day

First of all, I am so grateful for a wonderful mother of mine who is LITERALLY the best mom in the entire world. I love her so much. How did I get so blessed to be raised by such an amazing woman who loves so much? #blessed Happy mothers day.
This week was wonderful. We went on exchanges and that was so fun! We found this new amazing lady named Stacy who we street contacted into and she let us into her home and we taught her the restoration and when we told her we have a living prophet on the earth today she just FREAKED and was so excited! It was the cutest thing ever. She is so awesome.
We got to go to the temple this week which was such a blessing. It truly is the house of the Lord and I love the peace I feel there.
I really learned the importance of talking to everyone this week! There was this couple we started approaching and you oculd just tell that thye didn't want to talk to us but I did it anyway and this guy just shut me down and was like, not interested but then I asked him if he knew anyone else who needed a message of Jesus Christ in their lives? And then he actually gave us a referral to this guy! So we went and met him and he is just GOLDEN. He has such a sincere desire to know the truth and we were able to pick him up as a new investigator which was awesome. Asking everyone for referrals is true.
Cute story: So there's the most ADORABLE recent convert named David that we love with all our hearts. He has such a desire to be a good person, to lift others up, but most of all, he wants to share the gospel and be a missionary! He's always telling our bishop that he wants a missionary tag so he can be official haha so we got him a "missionary in training" and "future missionary" tag this week and he was SO happy. It was the cutest thing ever. He had the best reaction and he proudly wore both of them to church on Sunday and showed everyone. It made my heart so happy.
We had MLCs this week with all the mission leadership and me and Sister Kastner wore matching outfits. Everyone thought we were so precious, which lets be real, we were :)
And of course, I GOT TO SKYPE MY FAMILY. It was seriously the best thing ever. I love them so much and am grateful for the chance I got to talk with my sweet family.
This week I had experience after experience of God answering my prayers. I just want you to know that God truly does know us by name and hears and answers our prayers. Never forget that.
I love you all!
Sister Tracy

PS: funny story:
we were street contacting and I start talking to these people and I'm like "you have the cutest little girl!" and then the mom just looks at me and is like "this is a boy." and then things just got really awkward hahah it was a great moment in my life.
and also look at LITTLE SEBASTIAN!!! aka his real name is Brownie and we work with him every week :)

Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 41: snow storms and dirt roads

Well this week was wonderful!!! It snowed a TON again, for like 3 days straight. That's always fun. Just when you think its spring and its 70 degrees, it suddenly starts snowing and is 20 degrees. #Colorado seriously the weather is crazy here.
We moved houses this week into a new member's home and that was fun! The members we live with are the SWEETEST and the absolute best. We live even further in the country and we live on this crazy dirt road and can I just say that snow and dirt roads do not combine well together. Its crazy but so fun haha our car just gets disgusting every day haha its hilarious.
We picked up a ton of new investigators this week, including some part member families which was awesome. I love part member families, they have such a special place in my heart. So we'll see how that goes.
the snow storm this week was so fun. I'm getting more used to the snow, although I sincerely hope this is the last snow storm before summer.
Also it was Sister Kastner's birthday this week and that was so fun! I love her so much, she is so amazing!!!
Cool experience this week:
One of our appointments cancelled on us so we just started walking down the street and then we ran into this sweet lady we found street contacting the other day. We weren't sure how interested she was but we ran into her and started talking with her. She was getting ready to go and so we just shared a scripture with her really fast as she was leaving. It was 2 Nephi 32:3:
"Angels‍ speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ. Wherefore, I said unto you, feast‍ upon the words‍ of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell‍ you all things what ye should do."
and when we read it, she said that she got goosebumps and not because of the cold! because it was like 28 degrees haha but then we're just talking and she starts crying and is just like I'm so grateful I ran into you and I'd love to talk to you again! so we'll see her again this week! It was so amazing to know that everything truly does happen for a reason and God has His timing and it truly is perfect. #blessed
I was reading a talk this week by Stephen E Robinson about the Atonement and this part I love:
"To have faith in Jesus Christ and his identity is only half the process. To have faith in his ability, in his power to cleanse and to save, that is the other half. We must not only believe in Christ, we must believe Christ when he says, 'I can cleanse you and make you celestial.'"
What a beautiful reminder that Christ truly is everything.
I sure do love y'all! Have a great week!
sister tracy