Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 67: oh what a beautiful day

Well this week was great! As it always is, for real.
Fall here is so beautiful and i love it with all my heart.
We had our ward trunk or treat and we got to be the chili cookoff judges. how official haha
and i climbed a tree this week. that was really fun. also we got to sing to old people at a nursing home and that was the best.
A cool experience we had this week was when we got a referral for a lady who wanted a Bible. So we stop by and its this adorable older lady lets us in and lets us teach her the restoration. She was so intrigued she pulled out a notebook and was taking notes on everything we said. it was adorable. She then said that if she prayed and knew that this is what God wanted for her, that she would be all in and do it. And we were just so happy! She is the cutest and such a tender mercy.
I love this quote:
"If we can just stay with God, trust Him, and keep doing the things that bring the Spirit into our lives, then light and healing can enter, even though at the moment, things look dark and gloomy."
-Jonathon G. Sandberg
I love that so much! The light of Christ is everything we need. Hope y'all keep a smile on your face this week!
Love you,
Sister Tracy

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