Wednesday, April 20, 2016

week 39: never been more grateful for L.L. bean snow boots

Well seriously, I've never been more grateful in my life for L.L. bean snow boots. It snowed for like 36 hours straight, like a ton. and we got like 2 feet of snow with like 4-5 foot snow drifts. it was CRAZY. but it was fun! we got to go out and shovel lots of snow and tract in the snow and it was super fun! it was the craziest. but once again, I'm so grateful for snow boots. SHOUTOUT to my Grandmother for getting them for me for Christmas. I'm so thankful at times like this.
We did a photo scavenger hunt with our sisters this week for p day and that was really fun! And we did a TON of biking. because it was in the 70s and then the next day it was a blizzard. #crazycolorado but before it snowed we did.
So coolest experience ever this week.
So we picked up these amazing investigators, Richard and Diane last week! and so we went and taught them lesson 2: the plan of salvation with their neighbor who is a member and holy cow it was the most spiritual lesson ever. And it was amazing. And then we're at the end of the lesson and the whole lesson, I was praying to know if we should invite them to be baptized. So sister Fa'amausili closed the lesson and at that moment, I knew there was no doubt in my mind that I needed to invite them to be baptized so I just blurted it out and invited them to be baptized and they both said yes! And so they'll be baptized on May 14th! We were SO happy! And then they came to stake conference on sunday, which was awesome!
speaking of stake conference, we got a new stake presidency because our current stake president got called to the quorum of the 70 at general conference! so we had 3 members of the 70 at our stake conference and the stake presidency got reorganized! and the bishop of our ward is in the stake presidency now so now we're getting a new bishop! big changes but it's awesome! so it was an AMAZING stake conference.
It was such a great week for me and Sister Fa'amausili.
Well transfers are this week and I'm staying but sister Fa is leaving :( but I'm getting an awesome new companion and we'll continue to be STLs together! So it will be an awesome transfer!
I started reading the Old Testament this week and I love it so much!
in geneis 18:14 it says, "Is anything too hard for the Lord? and that struck me so hard. That is so true! nothing is too hard for the Lord, just do His will and it will all work out!!!
Hope you have a great week and stay warm! love you all!
sister tracy

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