Monday, April 25, 2016


YO I HIT MY HALFWAY MARK THIS WEEK. WHAT IS LIFE. my adorable mother sent me a package with things cut in half and I almost died laughing haha she is the best. I can't believe I just hit my 9 month mark. Time is flying way too fast. its crazy.
So this week was AMAZING. I love love love my new companion, Sister Kastner. We have so much in common and we love being companions! We had a class together at byu and have tons of mutual friends so its CRAZY. I love her!!! She is so amazing and I'm learning so much from her!
This week was awesome. we did a ton of biking because the weather was prime and it was awesome! we got 6 new investigators which was a miracle and we got a new investigator and committed her to baptism which was soo exciting!! Things have just been great.
we also got to go drop one of our sisters off at the temple who was going home and so we got to go to the temple which was awesome but we didn't get to go inside :( but we got to take some pictures which was fun!
funny story of the week:
so Sister Kastner's first night. We live in the country in the middle of no where. so we're going to sleep and suddenly we hear this scratching on our window. and we're like oh crap. we're dead. there's a murderer outside our window. oh my gosh. so we're just like WHAT DO WE DO. and I'm like I don't want to look through the blinds because I don't want to see a face there, that would be terrifying. so finally sister kastner works up the courage to peek through the blinds and we look out and see a DEER has its face pressed against the glass. I felt like I was at the zoo. we just stood there for like 5 minutes and had a stare down with the deer. it was so funny haahhaha good times.
but that's about it from here. I was reading a talk this week and it was talking about the best way we can be an example is to make others want to have the goodness that we do. I love that that we can really be an example as we just strive to make goodness look good and fun. #cantlose
have a great week, be good, and be happy!
love you all!
sister tracy

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