Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 52: week of miracles

Oh man people. I know how much I say this, but this week was the best week ever. First of all, it started with me and Sister Kastner staying together! so unexpected but the greatest surprise of ever. we were so happy.
We went and talked to our investigator named Scott this week. And he went and read 1/4 of the Book of Mormon in one night! And then he told us he tried to come to church but turns out he actually went to the wrong church. He turned out at some jehovah witness church hahaha we laughed for days.
We got our investigator, Aaron on baptismal date for August 13th! It was amazing and he is making so much progress. We are so excited for him and the changes he is making in his life.
ALSO, one night, maybe a month or two ago, we were getting in our car to go home. And we look out the window and we see this guy and we look at each other and jump out of the car because we both knew we needed to talk to him. So we jump out of the car, we don't have anything with us and we just stop this guy named Jackson and talk to him. So we taught him a couple times and then we passed him off to YSA and he got BAPTIZED on saturday and we got to go and give talks! It was an incredible experience and he was so prepared!!!
Then, another cool experience. We were street contacting a bunch in this big park this week. So we're there for a while and then we decide to get going. So we hop on our bikes and start riding away. And as we're riding away, me and this guy, maybe late 20s? make eye contact and then we keep riding. And as we're riding away, I can't get this guy's face out of my head and I get this sick feeling in my stomach, the further away I get! I had this mental image of us in heaven and him coming up to me and asking me why I didn't talk to him. So I slam on my brakes and call Sister Kastner back and we go back and talk to this guy. His name is Dylan and he's so nice. He's really open and it turns out his mom tried to commit suicide this week and so we were able to help him and gave him a Book of Mormon and it was incredible. And I felt soooo much better after we talked to him! The Spirit really does lead us. Just follow it, okay? You'll feel so much better!
Hope y'all have a great week! I love you all!
Sister Tracy

1. with a plant hahaha
2. wearing our hair nets after we helped package food for children in Haiti!
3. at the baptism!
4. and again!
5. here's to 6 more weeks together!

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