Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 61: what a blessed week

Well this week was great, as per usual.
We had some really awesome experiences. We were being super bold in our finding approaches this week.
We knocked on this man's car window when it was parked in a parking lot. So he rolls it down and we start talking to him and he is the SWEETEST man in the whole world. We proceed to teach him, he's in his 40s and he's super super interested. He said that he usually isn't super open with anyone but he felt like he could be with us and that this is what he needed to be doing with his life. He loves the church and it is super great! We met with him 3 times in 3 days. It was incredible. Doing crazy things to find people to teach pays off people.
Also, we've been doing tons of finding and its been great. But we had the greatest tender mercy this week. A less active calls us and asks us to start teaching her nonmember boyfriend. So we go and teach them and he just said that he was kind of antagonistic against the church but then he went to the Fort Collins Temple open house and he just felt more peace than he's ever felt before in his life and he knew that this is what he needed to do with his life. So we go to teach him and have the most incredible lesson and he just says that he knows this is what he needs to do. It was one of those lessons where the Spirit was so strong, it even strengthened my own testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. What a blessed experience.
I was reading a letter from my dear mother the other day and she sent me something that has changed my perspective. She says,
"I don't think life was meant to be easy, but it was meant to bring joy and happiness. We just need to work through the bad to really enjoy the  good. We'll all get there."  -Mom Tracy
Doesn't she sound like a general authority? haha but really, its so true. There are always hard times in each of our lives but when we approach them with a good attitude, they can all be good experiences and experiences where we learn and draw closer to our Heavenly Father.
Hope y'all have a great week!
Much love,
Sister Tracy

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