Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 59: week of miracles

This week was the best ever. Oh my gosh I can't stop saying that but its true. I sure do love being a missionary.
We saw some great miracles this week!
1. We were sitting outside the library, eating Chipotle on monday after emailing. And this guy walks up to us and asks us what church we go to! So we talk to him for a while and he said that he had come to the library to find religious books because he felt like he needed more in his life. So I said, "Oh well we have a book for you!" and gave him a Book of Mormon. He actually came to church on sunday and said he's been reading it! So it was a really cool experience.
2. Another awesome experience was that we decided to go street contacting at this park at like 8:30 at night. So we see this group of teenagers all doing not good things lets just say and so Sister Kastner of course is like, "lets preach at them" so we go and start talking to them. it was super awkward and they weren't interested so we start to walk away and one kid comes up to us as we walk away and is like "what are you sharing? are you christian?" so we proceed to teach him about the restoration and give him a Book of Mormon. It was a tender mercy from a super super awkward experience haha #goodtimes
3. At the Fort Collins Temple open house this week, we got to be the missionaries introducing the temple for the attorney general of colorado and some congressmen. It was super intense and everyone told us we had to be perfect because this was important. We prayed our hearts out for help and it went really well! He really like it a lot and he was very interested. Also we got in some official government pictures so basically famous. keep your eyes out for Sister Tracy and Sister Kastner.

there's this beautiful song i'm in love with at the moment, its called "gentle savior" by daniel beck. you should look it up. but there's this one part that says "Tomorrow is a chasm of uncertainty but I will go there, if you'll go with me." And i feel like that perfectly describes all our lives. We have no idea what tomorrow will bring but the Savior will be there with us, every step of the way, I promise!
Hope y'all have a great week!
Love you,
Sister Tracy

1. we got a bunch of vegetables from a member's garden and she said we should take some "fall pictures" haha
2. we made zucchini bread with this zucchini :)
3. helping people move #ourlives
4. eating chipotle outside the library like

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