Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 9: 1st week as a trainer!

Hi everyone! I hope you guys are doing absolutely amazing and loving life. After all, what is there not to love? there are only a million reasons to be happy!!

All right so this week was so hard! Training a new missionary is a lot of work. It really is. Oh my gosh but holy cow I can't believe how much I've learned and grown in just this week alone! Being a trainer forces you to take the lead in everything and to really do everything right. So I've opened my mouth so much this week, holy cow! I had no choice haha but really and I've also learned to love and serve and show compassion so much more. We've seen a lot of success this week too! Sister York is super sweet and things are going great!
Some highlights this week:
We got to go to the temple this week and that was awesome! It's such a peaceful and happy place! I love it so much! And I got to see my old companion and my "family" aka everyone who was trained by my trainer and what not so that was super awesome. They're all spanish missionaries but hey I'm carrying on the family legacy into english!
Our ward got elders! So now there are sisters and elders in the ward and that's pretty sweet! It makes things interesting but its nice!
We got 4 new investigators this week!! It was insane but we were so happy!! We're really seeing that as we are obedient and work hard, we'll see the blessings!
Also, I had 2 dinners in one night last week...I'm gonna get so fat. not really but kinda. we went and ate at a member's house and then we had an appointment with a part member family and they brought out dinner and I was like oh crap, i'm so full. but i was like awesome thanks so much! and shoveled so much food in my mouth and then they were like do you want seconds? and i was like, i'm okay. And then they were like you don't like the cooking then? and i was like oh my gosh so I ate it and I was so so so full oh my gosh but hey Heavenly Father made it so I could eat it!!
Cool experience this week:
I went tracting (knocking on doors to share message) and in the past I HATED it. It's so awkward. but then this week, I was forced to do it and take the lead. And after we tracted a whole street, I was like woah man, I wasn't even scared. Like that wasn't a big deal! And I knew it was Heavenly Father helping me learn and grow so much so that I can be a trainer! #blessed
all right, so people. quote of the week. "in your relationships with others, look to the Savior as your example. Strive to love as He loves with unfailing compassion, patience, and mercy."
so there's what you should do this week! emulate the Savior and love others! you'll be so #blessed

love you all!!
sister tracy

Sister Tracy and her current companion, Sister York

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