Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 10: #blessed

Hi everyone!! this week was truly amazing! I hope y'all are loving life and being super happy and good!

well some highlights from this week! I finally got to invite my first person to be baptized! We got our investigator julie on date to be baptized on october 24th!!! I AM SO HAPPY. for real, it was amazing. I was bearing my testimony and just invited her to be baptized and told her how much we love her and she just starts crying and was like yes and I was like YESSSSSS so that was amazing!
Then we did so much tracting this week! It was awesome because we actually found a lot of people who said we could come back! that never happens so that was sweet. I read this amazing talk this week called the ricciardi letter, its a letter from a trainee to his trainer in the mission and it was amazing. one thing it said was that the trainer's motto was he always said, "I fear no man" and so I really tried to adopt that this week! I literally tried to talk to everyone I could and anytime I was scared I was like, I fear no man! And it truly had some amazing results! I saw so many miracles as I relied on my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ. I also got to talk to 3 people in spanish using the spanish hermana king taught me and that was pretty sweet. but yeah, I felt like Heavenly Father really lead us to the people that we needed to talk to this week and it was amazing!
also by some miracle from God, we taught 28 lessons this week! can you say miracle??

So, I've really been thinking recently about how blessed I am to be on a mission! Each day, I come to love the people more and more. I've realized that everything in my life really just has been leading up to this point of getting me on a mission!! Every now and again when we're knocking doors or sitting in someone's house teaching them about the goodness of the gospel, I take a step back and I'm like woah. I'm on a mission. How amazing is that? Like I never saw myself here, but I am just more and more grateful each day to be here. I love the happiness I feel from living the gospel to the fullest and I love to watch the happiness I can bring others through the gospel and how it changes them for the better!
I know that this gospel is true without a doubt. I know how happy it makes me and I've seen how happy it makes other people. I'm so grateful to have a loving Heavenly Father who truly hears our prayers, knows our hearts, and knows each and every one of our names. Jesus Christ is our Savior and He knows what each of us is going through. The Atonement is truly the most amazing and incomprehensible event that has ever occurred and will ever occur. The opportunity He gives us to repent is amazing. We truly can CHANGE and become more like Him and isn't that exactly what we're on this earth to do? This gospel makes me happier than anything else in the world and I'm so grateful to be teaching it to others!
Remember how blessed we are! Love you all!

ps colorado has the most beautiful sunsets and we adopted a plant that a member gave us named oaklynn #presh

much love!
sister tracy

and this is the most precious family ever and we were matching so obviously we had to take a picture

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