Tuesday, September 15, 2015


PEOPLE I AM TRAINING A BRAND NEW MISSIONARY FRESH FROM THE MTC THIS TRANSFER. what the heck???? As a new missionary, there's a 12 week program you go through and get trained! And then after, you have a possibility of training a newbie. BUT NO ONE HAS EVER TRAINED AFTER ONLY 6 WEEKS. WHAT THE HECK. The assistants to the president called me friday night and was like we'd like to ask sister tracy to train a new missionary! And I just sat down on the ground and was like WHAT?? It was insane. So I picked her up yesterday and now we're here! I'm staying in the same ward and all but holy cow I don't even know how to do this???
Whatever, I'm putting my trust in Heavenly Father and having faith that He will help me do this!! I mean I guess He trusts me if this is where I am!! But holy cow. Her name is Sister York and she's from Las Vegas! She's really sweet and we'll see how it goes. Stay tuned.

This week was THE BEST. I'm so sad Hermana King left, she's going back to spanish, but we had such a great transfer together and I know she's going to do some amazing things in spanish!!
This week was super great. We got to teach some really great investigators and some really great less actives! We're seeing some good things happening up in here and I love all these people so I'm glad I get to be here for another transfer!!
We went and talked to randos in the park this week and it was cool because I really felt prompted to talk to this guy and I did and it went really well and we should be able to go teach him this week! It was the first time I'd really felt prompted by the spirit to talk to someone and it worked out really well!!
Also, funny story of the week. If this isn't classic sister tracy, I don't know what is.
I was sitting in a lesson and I went and reached into my pocket of my skirt and somehow just pulled it and ripped open the zipper of my skirt. #blessed. I was like dying inside of laughter. I PROMISE ITS NOT BECAUSE I'VE GOTTEN FAT BECAUSE I HAVEN'T OKAY? anyway, but the lesson ended and I was just like okay and I took my time standing up and I'm just holding my skirt closed and trying not to make it obvious and I just run outside and bust out laughing and the member we took with us is like what is happening? and i was just like nothing and I was just dying oh my gosh. no worries, I fixed the skirt. but really my life is hilarious as per usual.
Anyways, I'm learning this week that we really need to trust in our Heavenly Father! He has so much of a greater plan for us than we could ever have for ourselves! So trust in Him!

ps we did face masks this week #gems and here's us with on of our favorite families ever and then me and hermana king's last picture together :(, and then my new companion!

okay, have a great week! much love to you all!!
sister tracy

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