Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 13: best week ever

Well this week was AWESOME. Like people, for real. What even is life. I love being out here. I know that this is where I need to be and I'm just happier every day! This week was super eventful and I loved every second of it.

So we have Julie's baptism on saturday and she's so ready and I'm so excited. Every time she starts talking about her baptism, she just starts crying and it makes me so happy to know that she has that amazing Spirit about her.
Also we figured out that service is definitely how you win people over haha we got in with this less active lady by helping her with her garden haha she was working in her front yard so we asked to help and then we got to talk to her! #servicewins
ANDDDDD THE BEST THING EVER HAPPENED. okay so we got a referral from a member in another ward because these people live in our ward boundaries. so the members came with us and we taught this cute mom, Toni and her son Eli who is 19. And holy cow, it was the most amazing lesson. the member asked how long I had been out and I said 3 months and he was like oh wow. and then we told him that Sister York had only been out a month and he was so skeptical haha I think he was like oh crap, we get put with these brand new missionaries. but OH MY GOSH. we taught the restoration and it was AMAZING. I've never felt the spirit more strongly in a lesson. And she was telling us about what she's been feeling recently and how she wants to feel forgiven of her sins and feel worthy of God's love and then all the sudden this perfect scripture comes to my head and I read it to her and she was like crying and what not. And I was like dang that whole thing that things will be brought to your remembrance when you need them is LEGIT. And then it was so natural just to invite them to be baptized at the end and they both said yes, no hesitation. so they're being baptized november 21st! Toni just kept talking about how this is exactly what she's been searching for. that she felt like something was missing from her life and she knows this is it. IT WAS AMAZING. All thanks to the spirit taking over! #blessed
Well we had zone conference this week and that was amazing! I have the best mission president ever and everything that was said at zone conference was perfect. We talked all about the character of Christ and how important it is for us to remember Jesus Christ and His character. We all have characteristics of Christ, but the difference between Him and us (well is a lot obviously) but He is consistently all those attributes and that's what makes Him have that His character that makes Him Christ. One of His key attributes is that He has the ability to turn outward when the natural man would turn inward. You can see that time and time again. So that's my invitation to y'all this week. Pick one attribute of Christ and do everything you can to work on that this week. I promise you'll be so #blessed for it!!
LOVE YOU ALL! have a great week!!!
sister tracy

ps the pictures.
so the leaves are BEAUTIFUL
and here's my zone at zone conference
and here we are sitting in denver traffic because we had to drive super far for zone conference :(

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