Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 14: its basically winter here and i'm going to die

Hey y'all! Hope you're not getting too wet! I hear its raining like crazy down in texas so hopefully you all survive it! I hope y'all had the best week and that you're doing well! What's there not to be happy about, lets be real.

so i know y'all have been wondering what's happening with transfers. because you all are very aware of my schedule and what's been happening. i crack myself up. anyways, so to kill the suspense, I'm staying in the same ward another transfer! I get to finish training sister york and we get to finish out some great work we've been doing! #blessed

So this week was pretty sweet. Lets be real, it was basically the best. There were SO many amazing things that happened.
Fist things first, we had zone p day last monday! and we went fishing! of course, everyone had to teach me how to fish and then I put my line in or whatever its called and immediately I caught a fish and they were all like what the heck?? and so they made me hold it and I took the presh picture. and then I couldn't catch one the rest of the day but that's okay. it was a really fun day!
Then we got to paint a trailer all day tuesday basically so that was chill. We went to the temple on wednesday and it was literally the best! I just love the peace and comfort and answered prayers that always come at the temple. it truly is the house of the Lord.
its been like basically 0 degrees around here. okay not really, but its been like in the 30s at night and 40s during the day and its rained most of the week so it was a little rough but thankfully, I had a lovely coat from my lovely parents to suffer in slightly less. But its legit beginning to look like winter or late fall which I guess it is but its crazy. There's just that feeling in the air. Everyone keeps telling us that it'll snow on halloween so I guess we'll see...
We got our investigator Amanda on date for the end of november so we're super stoked and we love teaching her!!
And best of all, JULIE GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! it was the happiest day ever!! her husband baptized her and it was just so so presh. The Spirit was so strong and she was just crying and so happy and she just said that she felt warm and happy! and hermana king, my last companion came for the baptism so it was AWESOME to see her!! And then julie got confirmed and it was the happiest!! check out the presh pictures.

quote of the week. its from a talk from joseph b wirthlin called, "come what may and love it." my oh so amazing mother sent it to me! have any of you noticed how awesome my mother is? because I have. anyways,
"the simple secret is this: put your trust in the Lord, do your best, then leave the rest to Him."
so do that this week! He's going to take care of everything.

be happy, be good, and know I love you all!

sister tracy

ps i look like a giant in all the baptism pictures hahaha

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