Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 19: question: when will the snow stop? answer: never.

Well happy late thanksgiving to you all! Hope you all had the best one!
This week was crazy! It hasn't stopped snowing for like 5 days. It's been insane. I've never seen it snow so much at a time. Fortunately, it hasn't been accumulating too bad. but holy cow, literally we had a white thanksgiving, something I've never experienced before! Its beautiful but cold haha its been soooo cold recently. I might die. and yet, everyone tells me this is only the beginning of winter. #cantwait also driving in it isn't the funnest but oh well. also I HATE SCRAPING ICE OFF THE CAR. IT IS THE WORST. first time doing that ever and it isn't very fun. but the good thing is, i haven't hit anyone yet #knockonwood
thanksgiving was super fun! we got to spend the day with members! we ate lots of delicious food and i was so happy!! I stuffed my face man. that was sweet. but we love playing in the snow haha it makes us the happiest. 
we got to help a member set up her christmas tree this week! she's the cutest and the sweetest and it was awesome! and also we saw a coyote in a school playground this week and that was crazy! 
also we've just been doing so much finding this week. like we just tract and knock doors like all day because our teaching pool has shrunk significantly....but that's okay. finding is a lot of work but its literally the BEST when you find someone who will let you teach them. We were trying this less active and this man was standing outside next door and we started talking to him and then we got into this deep religious discussion and we stood out in the snow for like 30 minutes and I thought i was going to lose my toes. and then he let us in and we talked for like another 30 minutes and he was so awesome! he asked such good questions and we'll be meeting with him this week! its so exciting! but yeah, its been a great week!! i love being a missionary!

y'all should go to and watch the new christmas video. it is sooo good. A Savior was born for each of us because He loves us so much. We can't even comprehend how much He loves us. Each of us should take some time this week and discover why the Savior was born for each of us! Remember He is Christmas!

have a good week, much love!
Sister tracy

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