Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 26: big changes

Well this week was good! There's so much craziness going on! Sister Phenicie goes to the mission home today and flies home tomorrow so that is SO sad. but I just found out that i'm staying for another transfer in my area so I'm excited! I love this area and all the people in it, and I just can't wait to see what awesome things are yet to come.
Well there's one big change will be a new companion tomorrow! That'll be CRAZY. But also, I cut my hair like 6 inches! check out the pics, its pretty dang cute. I'm pretty happy with it.
We got our investigator, Diane on date, but not til later in March because her daughter is the one who introduced her to the church and she wants to be there. but we were pretty dang stoked.
We had an awesome district meeting this week and we got on the roof of our church building which is 4 stories and that was awesome man.
funny story of the week:
so we were at this dinner and we were late so we were hurrying out the door so we were shaking everyone's hands and leaving and so i was trying to shake the husband's hand so i turn around really fast and start shaking what i thought was his hand but then it was actually sister phenicie's hand and i didn't realize it til like halfway through the handshake and then everyone was like laughing because they thought i was trying to be funny but i just wasn't paying attention hahah so then i get out of the apartment and i'm literally on the floor laughing over that for like 10 minutes haha i never stop making a scene wherever i go.

there's a scripture in isaiah. sorry i can't remember the reference, and this isn't the KJV wording but basically it says:
"when you pass through deep waters, I will be with you"
what a wonderful promise that is! that we are never alone. I want y'all to remember that! Heavenly Father will be with us always and forever!
Have a great week and #behappy!
I love y'all!
Sister Tracy

1. an awesome real lion in someone's house
2. our district on the roof!
3. the elders we share a ward with!
4. the cutest little boy in the world
5. some of our sisters!

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