Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 33: when you move to the country

Well i'm in the country now, in the middle of no where which is awesome. Its so different than downtown, its crazy! but I really love it here! The ward i'm in is AMAZING. The members are so supportive and its just been so much fun!
Well this week, we got to visit lots of people downtown to say goodbye so that was sad but good to see them all. I'll miss it so much but I'm excited to be in my new area!
There's so much open space and its so quiet and its like the complete opposite but its so great!
We've been running like every morning and its just the best feeling ever to be running in all this open space! I love it so much.
We found 3 new investigators this week which was awesome. me and my new companion, sister faamaulsili have been working real hard and its been so great!
One of the investigators we found is so amazing. We were trying to visit a less active who wasn't interested and we start to walk away but then I got this feeling that we needed to turn back and go the other way and knock on this open door down the street. so we went and knocked on the door and she let us right in. and we had an amazing lesson and the Spirit was so strong. She told us that she saw us walking outside and she told herself that if we knocked on her door, she would let us in. what kind of an amazing miracle is that?? So she is so awesome and it was such a testimony to me that God prepares people to hear our message and that He will lead us to them.
I just know God is so aware of each and every one of us and that He truly will never leave us alone!
have a great week!
much love, sister tracy

one time me and my new companion basically wore the same outfits

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