Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 56: Reflections

I've been reading through my old journals every day from 1 year ago to date since I hit my year mark. And as I've been doing so, I've really been reflecting on how much I've grown but also how much I have loved being a missionary right from the start. My entry from a year ago yesterday, August 14, 2015, having been in the mission field for about a week and a half, perfectly describes how I feel about missionary work still today:
"We saw so many miracles today. We felt the Spirit so much today and really just felt God's love. It is such a blessing to be a missionary. Its the happiest kind of happy and I am so blessed each and every day!"
AMEN. #blessed
This week was good. We are loving life and all is well.
We had zone p day this week which was good! We had to plan it last second of course because the elders didn't plan ahead haha but what else is new?
We got to spend a lot of time finding this week which is always great.
We had stake conference and man it was sooo good!
Sorry I really don't have too much to say haha but something I came to realize this week is that we truly are never alone. that really, we always have God on our side and He'll prepare a way to make it all work out! I was reading a talk by President Eyring from the last conference because my lovely sister, Katie #shoutout inspired me to read all the general conference talks before the next conference. But he says: "Our desire to serve others is magnified by our gratitude for what the Savior has done for us. The first thing you must commit to do is to go and serve, knowing that you do not go alone. When you go to comfort and serve anyone for the Savior, He prepares the way before you."
how true is that? He really is watching out for each of us and He will help us as we strive to serve others!
Hope you have a great week! I love y'all!
Sister Tracy

1. in a bus like
2. we found a baby cactus in the middle of the street growing out of a manhole. you don't want to know how much effort taking this picture took
3. animals love me
4. we bike a lot.
5. pretty accurate representation of every day of our lives

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