Monday, August 29, 2016


can i just say how much I love being a missionary? it is the best in the whole world.
so first of all, RICHARD AND DIANE GOT BAPTIZED. #blessed
it was the most beautiful baptism ever. weirdest part was that the water was straight up BROWN. you couldn't even see the bottom. apparently they had been flushing fire hydrants in the neighborhood and it lead to the water being brown.
when Diane came up, she was like, "WELL THAT FELT GOOD." it was so cute.
Also, we got to go up to the Fort Collins temple twice and be visitor center missionaries! It was so fun! We got to talk to lots of people and we got to spend time in the visitors center, answering questions. And man do people have weird questions haha one of hte funniest things some nonmember came up to me and said was:
him: "who's that man on top of the temple?"
me: "angel moroni." and i go on to explain who he is.
him: "He's awesome! I want to get a tattoo of him on my arm!"
me: "...okay haha"
it was so funny.
but oh my goodness life is just so great. #blessed.
OH IN OTHER NEWS I GOT TO HOLD A CHICK AND A CHICKEN. the chicken pecked me hahaha hence the hilarious picture. and these huge turkeys. it was so fun.

my favorite quote at the moment:
"Keep loving. Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep growing. Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow and forever." -Jeffery R. Holland.
How true is that?
Y'all be happy this week!
Love you!
Sister Tracy

1. terror at getting pecked haha
2. baby chicky :)
3. giant turkeys
4. on the way to the temple
5. i have the prettiest companion
6. the baptism!!!
7. yummy water
8. at the visitors center like

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