Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 43: Prayers are always answered!

Well this week was insanely amazing!! I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it was!
First of all, we had zone p day which was super fun! We had a BBQ and played lots of games so that was great. We went on lots of exchanges with the other sisters this week which was fun!
We had 2 zone meetings that we had to give trainings at. My trainings were on #behappy and #befriends which was super fun. It was a great topic for me because I LOVE being happy :)
We had 2 of our investigators come to church finally which was such a blessing. I've been praying and fasting for this for a while now and its amazing that God always answers our prayers no matter what. But He sure does have His timing.
We were asked to cut a lady's hair in our ward haha we've never cut hair before but here we were just like sure why not. So before we went in, I said a prayer to bless us with capabilities beyond our own so we don't ruin this poor lady's hair haha and it turned out good! We were pretty pleased with it and God sure does answer prayers, even the ones that are kinda different haha
Okay you people ready for the greatest story ever?
Let me preface this by saying that I would say I am over my fear of dogs. I love dogs now. So a couple weeks ago we got a referral and tried to contact the people but there was a fence all around their house and the gate was closed. So while we're standing there, trying to decide what to do, these HUGE killer dogs come up and start trying to kill us through the fence. Like they were terrifying. So Sister Kastner, being Sister Kastner, carries dog treats in her bag. So we were like okay lets do a test. If we throw the dog treat and the dogs stop trying to kill us and they go eat the dog treat, they are nice. So we throw the dog treat and they completely ignore it and continue to try to kill us. So we were like okay they are really mean.
Fast forward to this week. We decide to try to go contact them again. So the gate is open! And we're like, this is a miracle! We start walking up the super long like 1/4 mile long driveway and we get halfway up and these killer dogs come out of no where and start coming at us. Oh man it was instinct for us to just start sprinting for our lives. I've probably never run so fast in my life. So the dogs get super close to us but we finally get away. And we're like what the heck, we need to contact this person. So we say a prayer to be like Daniel in the lion's den and to be protected haha so we start walking back up this driveway, all confident and then the dogs come at us and we just look at each other like oh dang we're going to die. We just keep walking and then the lady comes out of the house and grabs the dogs and we're saved! So then we talk to her and she's interested!!!! it was the craziest thing ever hahaha God sure does take care of us.
But that's about it from a week in the life of Sister Tracy!
Be happy and remember that God always answers prayers!
Love you all!
Sister Tracy

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