Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 44: Miracles can happen

Well this week was full of miracles!
The weather has been beautiful in Colorado and I'm loving it so much.
This week we taught one of our investigators. She is so amazing. We committed her to live the word of wisdom last week and she told us that she told God she would never quit alcohol and coffee but we promised her she would see the blessings if she kept it. So she tried it and when we taught her last, she had been keeping it for 3 days! She said it hadn't been that hard and that that morning, she found $106 she had lost a couple months ago! And we were like, that is no coincidence!!! Its because you've been keeping the word of wisdom. And she was like I know! It was such a miracle! She also told us that a couple weeks ago when we first street contacted her getting out of her car, that she had no desire to talk to us but as soon as she saw our smiles, she suddenly wanted to talk to us and she did and now she's doing so great! It truly shows that a smile goes a long way :)
Funny story of the week:
We started talking to this guy walking his dog and we asked him if we could walk with him and share a message. And he said yes. So we start walking with him and holy cow, this guy is POWER WALKING up the biggest hill in probably the entire state of Colorado. So we're over here, trying to teach him the restoration but we can barely keep up with this guy and we're so out of breath haha it was the weirdest lesson of my life but hey we taught the guy and we got a killer workout #fitforthekingdom.
I love this quote right here from the one and only BYU president, President Worthen:
"Because of the Atonement, all failures and changeable and temprorary, except the one that occurs when we give up. So whatever you do, don't you dare give up."

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