Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 2: What an amazing week!

Note:  Allison left for Denver on Monday, August 3.  She called from the SLC airport, which was a nice surprise!  She sounded well and is ready to get to work!

Hello everyone!
So allegedly by the kids in my district, they said the branch president said we could send a quick email home since we will miss our p day this week. So hopefully that's right but if not, whatever haah so I'll keep it brief and tell you more next week. 

So this week at the MTC has been absolutely AMAZING! It flew by and I've just been so so happy!! Like it's not like everything is suddenly easy and all the hard times are over but it's like I've realized its all worth it and that this is no doubt where I need to be.

A couple of highlights from this week:

So I got to sing in the MTC choir for devotional this week and it was amazing! The Spirit was so strong! Also the camera zoomed right in on me and my companion and I felt like I was in the mormon tabernacle choir and I felt pretty sweet hahha and also with my companion, we ended up singing a hymn to bring the Spirit into one our investigator lessons and it definitely did haha I've never sang so much in my life than in the last week but hey, it's been fun

We had in field orientation this week and it was basically just a whole day of meetings and at the end of the day, I just didn't feel as happy as I normally would and I realized that it was because I hadn't really gotten the chance to teach anyone or help anyone that day since it was just meetings. I realized I'm happiest when I'm helping and teaching people and bringing them closer to Christ so I'm so stoked to go do that this week in Colorado.

Okay so we got to teach two real live investigators this week who come to the MTC because they're interested in learning more. One of them was a sweet mom who wanted to learn more about why we do family history and we got to teach her about that and how families are forever and it was a pretty cool experience. 
The other investigator was this amazing lady named Leah. She has been coming to the MTC for 2 years and she is really struggling and has had a lot of hard times in life. She is known for being very defensive and hard to get to open up. So the beginning of the week was frustrating for me, but we really got her to open up throughout the week and to learn to love her and by the end of the week, she finally felt like she trusted us and loved us. And our teachers were very surprised by how well it was going. And throughout the week, she wouldn't let us pray but then we finally started to understand her and she was like you guys are the first ones to understand me in 2 years and now I want to come to God basically. So one of the last nights after an amazing lesson that had all 3 of us in tears, we asked her if we could pray and not only did she say yes but she said she would say it! It was the most beautiful prayer and the Spirit was so strong. So I really came to love her so much and want her to come closer to Christ for sure. It's too bad we can't continue to teach her, but it's enough for me that she is beginning to see God's love for her!

Off to Denver this week! I'm super stoked and I'm sorry I don't have time to reply to everyone's emails but I will next week and I'll send pictures next week!

Love you all!

Be happy and know God loves you!

Sister Tracy

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