Friday, August 14, 2015

Week 3: too many miracles #blessed

Hello to everyone! I hope you guys are seriously all doing amazing because you all are the best.

So this week has been AMAZING. Seriously so many miracles this week. First full week in the field and it has gone really really well! I haven't even freaked out or cried or anything haha I cried in the MTC but I'm happy to say that I haven't cried the whole time I've been out here hahaha mostly probably because of my super awesome companion Hermana King. She seriously takes such good care of me and helps me so much and we get along really well and have a lot of fun together.

Denver is so so pretty! I love the mountains and just everything about it! I'm really enjoying my time here! It's so amazing how much I've been blessed this week and this work really just does bring so so much happiness. It's such a blessing to be able to give my whole life to this work and to really see how much God blesses me and those around me.

So some highlights from this week:

1. We committed an investigator to baptism on September 12th!! Her name is Julie and she is seriously the sweetest. Her husband is a less active member and she's never been a member and she's so receptive and you can tell she really feels the Spirit. So we'll keep teaching her and hope all goes well there! We also have another older man named John on baptismal date for August 29th so I really hope all goes through there too!! This work is so great

2. We had a baptism on Saturday! It was for this amazing girl named Felicia. She has 2 little kids and she's seriously so great. We only got to teach her the last couple lessons this week but you can see how much she has changed and what a difference the gospel has made in her life and I love her so much! It's such a beautiful thing to see that change and happiness in her life that comes from the gospel

3. We have like 800+ people on our ward roster and only 120 members so there is A TON of work to do haha so we've had some amazing times this week visiting less actives. There were a couple that we would just randomly pick to go visit and they would be like so grateful and talking about how much they needed us that day and each time, it was just such a testimony to me how much God prepares people and how we can be an answer to someone's prayer

4. Since my companion is a Sister Training Leader, she had a bunch of meetings on Friday so we went on exchanges and I went with a girl who came out the same time as me so they sent off 2 greenies on their own haha I was nervous but we actually got to teach a ton of lessons and every time I opened my mouth, it was always filled. That is such an amazing feeling and I love it and I'm so grateful for the Spirit

5. Okay this will be the last one so this isn't too long haha and my companion realized we were wearing almost the exact same skirt on sunday and she looked at the shirt I was wearing and was like I have a shirt just like that! So she put it on and then we were matching and it was super cute haha all the members at church thought it was just so presh and lets be real, it was. But then we went tracting and after that, it didn't seem like such a good idea haha I felt like all the people whose doors we knocked on were like what the heck is with these weirdo matching mormons? haha we didn't have that much success that day but that's okay haha it was hilarious so we took a picture on our digital camera self timer hahhahaah so cool

okay one last thought to be sort of spiritual. so this cute 3 year old boy from one of the members dinner appointments, as we were leaving he yelled to us: "BE SAFE! BE GOOD!" and for some reason it really struck me! That's what I want to leave with y'all today! As you do your best to be good, God will truly bless you so much and your life will be so much happier! So that's my challenge this week: be safe and be good!


Sister Tracy

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