Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 4: how is time flying so fast??

Hello everyone! I hope y'all are doing super amazing!

I feel like I just emailed you guys yesterday but apparently it was a week ago...time seriously flies here!! I'll hit my month mark this coming week!! How does that happen?? I can't believe how fast time goes.
So this week was super great! I mean we definitely had a lot of hard moments but we also had some pretty amazing things happen. Being on a mission is seriously the happiest thing in the world and I love it so much!!

Tuesday was Hermana King's birthday so we got to go eat at applebees with some other sisters and it was so so fun! I made her a cake and we partied...sort of haha there's not much partying on the mission but who am I kidding, the work itself is a party enough haha I love Hermana King so much! She's seriously the greatest.
Also Colorado has the most beautiful sunsets and skies and lightning storms and it is seriously the greatest. And I saw a whole field full of prairie dogs and it was the coolest thing ever! This place is beautiful!!
We had a trainer/trainee meeting on saturday with the mission president and it was super good but it was nice because I got to see all the people I was in the MTC with!! So that's the picture of the girl, Sister Dennis, with brown hair that's not my companion haha
And then we also went on exchanges on saturday! So I got to go with the sweetest girl, Sister Netherton, the blonde girl in the picture. So it was cool to teach with another missionary and to be in her area to switch things up! Everyone here is just the sweetest and I love them all!!

So our investigators are doing super well!
One named John came to church again and he's getting ready to be baptized on the 29th! So he's the cutest old man and I love teaching him! He really has a good testimony and loves talking about the gospel and I just love him!
Another is named Julie and she is so sweet! She has a 6 year old boy and a less active husband. But they finally came to church this week!!!! And I was so so happy because I think they could really feel the Spirit. She's set to be baptized in September and I am just so happy for her and her family. You can really tell that the gospel is making a huge difference in their family and I just love seeing that difference.
We're also teaching a sweet lady named Mabel and you can tell she's finally starting to get it and I know she's feeling the Spirit so I really hope she continues to progress. I just love all of them so much! We also get to teach a lot of less actives and I really love going and visiting them and helping them feel the Spirit again and hopefully helping them to have that desire to come back to church.

Okay people, I just wanted to point out that this week, I've seen time and time again how aware God is of each and every one of us! He knows what we're going through and what we need and He is always there for us. Just remember that.
Also, this week, we learned how important obedience is. We were put in a situation where we could have been super disobedient but we chose not to be even though it was super awk but I'm so glad we were obedient. We could definitely see the blessings from it. I learned the importance of making the decision beforehand to be obedient so that way when you're put in a situation where you could do the wrong thing, you don't have to debate what you're going to do. You just do the right thing. So that's my challenge this week! Decide now to do what's right and you'll be so blessed!!

Keep being good! I love you all!!

Sister Tracy
Celebrating Hermana King's birthday
Sister Dennis, friend from the MTC
Going on splits with Sister Netherton 
Sister Tracy and Hermama King

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